RestroPress – Tips

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RestroPress Tips Extension allows you to collect tips from your customers. The plugin gives you the following options to choose from

  • The extension allows you easily collect Tips from your customers.
  • It provides you the option to set Percentage and Flat amount for the Tips Option.
  • It adds the ability for the customers to assign a custom tip amount.


To installRestroPress Tips

  1. Download RestroPress Tips
  2. Go to the site’s /wp-admin Plugins > Add New section.
  3. Go to the Install Plugins section and select the Upload option.
  4. Browse to and locate the ZIP file you downloaded in step 2, and select Install Now.
  5. Finally, go back to the Plugins page, find the RestroPress Tips plugin and select Activate.


Go to Restropress -> Settings there you will find the option of Checkout Options.


Login/Register Option

 This option affects how login/register options are offered on checkout page.

Enforce SSL on Checkout

Check this option to force users to be redirected to the secure checkout page. You must have an SSL certificate installed to use this option.

Enable Cart Saving

In this option you can enable cart saving on the checkout.

Enable Tips on Checkout

In this option you can enable Tips on checkout page.

Include tax on Tips

Here you can add taxes on Tips.

Text for Tips option

You can add text here wich will show onTips option on checkout page.

Description for Tips

Here you can add description for tips option.


Here you can choose amount type as per your requirement , Flat Amount or Cart Percentage.

Tips Options

Here you can select how you would like your customers to enter tips option.

Predefined values

In this section you can enter the predefined Tips options you want to show, this will show on checkout.

Remove Tips Label

In this option you can remove tips button text and customize this.

Admin Tips Column

Here you can enable this option for showing tips column on order history.