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RestroPress Clover

Welcome to the RestroPress Clover Integration Plugin documentation. This plugin allows seamless integration between RestroPress and Clover POS, enabling you to import and export various entities such as food categories, addon categories, customers, and orders. Additionally, any orders placed through RestroPress will be automatically sent to Clover.

1. Download and Install the Plugin:
● Download the plugin zip file.
● Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard.
● Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
● Choose the downloaded zip file and click Install Now.
● Activate the plugin after installation.

1. Navigate to Clover POS Settings:
● After activating the plugin, a new menu item called “Clover POS” will appear under the RestroPress menu.
2. Obtain Merchant ID and API Token:
● Go to the Clover dashboard and obtain your Merchant ID and API Token. You can follow the guide here to get these details.
3. Enter Clover Credentials:
● In the Clover POS settings page, enter your Merchant ID and API Token.
● Select the Clover environment you are using (Sandbox or Live).
● Click on Verify and Save to verify the details and ensure the API has the required permissions.

Once the configuration is complete, you will see various import/export options for the following:

Import/Export Functionality
● Import: Click on the Import button to fetch and import data from Clover to RestroPress.
● Export: Click on the Export button to send data from RestroPress to Clover.

Automatic Sync
● After setting up the integration, any creation or update of items (Food Categories, Addon Categories, Addons, Customers, Food Items, and Orders) in RestroPress will be automatically sent to Clover.
● Orders placed through RestroPress will be automatically sent to Clover.

1. Unidirectional Sync:
● Changes made in Clover will not reflect in RestroPress automatically. To sync changes from Clover to RestroPress, you need to manually click the update icon for each item.
2. Order Updates:
● Any changes to an order after the payment has been processed will not reflect in Clover.
3. Food Items and Addons:
● Food items exported to Clover will include all addons from the addon category. Clover only supports including the addon category and individual addons cannot be selected per food item.

Upcoming Features
1. Support for variation food item attributes.
2. Handling order refund processes.
3. Implementing discount options.
4. Integration of services and taxes.

Thank you for using the RestroPress Clover Integration Plugin. We are continually working to enhance its features and capabilities. For any issues or feature requests, please contact our support team.