Checkout Fields Manager

The checkout page is the most important part of your online ordering system and allows you to collect the necessary information about your customers as per your business needs. The extension makes it easier for you to add new fields

RestroPress – Order Tracking APP

Order Tracking Extension In order to use the App after successful download from the play store, you need to purchase Order Tracking Extension which is available on our website. You need to install the extension as a normal plugin in

RestroPress DineIn

RestroPress introduces a table ordering system that is Dine-in, which is designed for restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, and all kinds of food-related businesses. So that guests or visitors can get the most positive experience with the highest level of

WhatsApp Notifications

As we all know that WhatsApp is one of the popular and widely used massaging apps that is advantageous and easy to use. Sending notifications to the users allows them to verify purchases and improve the user experience. RestroPress–WhatsApp notification

RestroPress – Extra Fees

RestroPress Extra Fees extension allows you to charge an additional fee for your customer. The additional charge can be set in terms of flat fees or percentages. The extra fees can be applied based on specific service types, whether it

Store Timings & Delivery Cutoff

This page of the documents contains the details regarding the addon of RestroPress that is related to the timing of the store and the details regarding delivery. Store Timings and Delivery Cutoff add-on for RestroPress allows you to manage your

Settings & Options

Settings are the option that is mandatory to set after the plugin is successfully activated.Then you have to go through all the settings available in RestroPress and you’ll find information about configuring those settings such as general setting, payment gateways,


RestroPress is an Online Food Ordering system for WordPress. It is a standalone WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add Food Ordering System to your WordPress Website. Using RestroPress you can easily receive both PickUp/Takeaway and Delivery orders. RestroPress